Case Studies



Digital Marketing Firm

A fast growing Digital Marketing agency focused on three key search-related service areas: search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and other complementary digital search/advertising services. Employs approximately 100 associates with key office locations in NYC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Francisco, LA, Toronto, and London.

SERVICE LINES: IT Strategy, Salesforce, Project Management

FinancialForce Deployment. Replacing a QuickBooks-based accounting solution with FinancialForce’s G/L, A/P, A/R, budgeting, and financial reports.

Force Deployment. Designing, building, and deploying a comprehensive, fully automated based application to automate the creation of client billing sheets, invoices, and corresponding point-based commission calculations. Also building object linkages between Force and FinancialForce invoicing and A/R modules.

Shale Oil Construction Group

A premier technology-enabled, construction group providing well site and pipeline construction and maintenance services to the unconventional, high-growth shale oil and gas industry. Operates across the South and North Western U.S. and Western Canadian Basins.


IT Systems / Processes Assessment. Conducted an assessment of core job costing, accounting, asset management, and time tracking tools deployed within four construction business units. We considered functional, technical, and operational synergistic opportunities and IT related risks and challenges.

Future ERP Pathways. Prepared a road map outlining various enterprise systems pathways considering tools, functionality, technical platform, and order of magnitude cost considerations.

Property and Casualty Insurance Carrier

A multi-billion dollar market-leading insurer offering a wide range of property, casualty, and specialty insurance and reinsurance products for corporations, professional firms, and financial institutions across the U.S.

SERVICE LINES: IT Strategy, Business Analytics, Project Management

Process Reengineering. Conducted process redesign engagement within the finance and reinsurance groups addressing topics such as quota share calculation procedures, automated general ledger reconciliation, currency conversion and foreign exchange gain/loss calculations, and premium tax reporting procedures.

Database Migration Services. Currently upgrading and redesigning an aging SQL Server-based financial reporting database to achieve performance and operational enhancements:

• Queries. Redesigning application queries to improve query performance.

• Dimensional Models. Redesigning database structure from flat tables to a dimensional model-reducing database size and increasing overall performance.

• Rules and Tools. Automating manual processes and introducing new operating concepts such as data exception testing, rule based calculation logic, source and version control release procedures, and a robust ad-hoc reporting environment (MS PowerBI tool stack).

Industrial Scale Equipment and Calibration Firm

A premier weighing equipment/calibration firm operating two distinct but closely connected divisions: weighing solutions and calibration/metrology services. The scope of accreditation encompasses dimensional, mechanical, electromagnetic DC/low frequency, and thermodynamic disciplines.

SERVICE LINES: IT Strategy, Salesforce

ACT! to Salesforce Migration. Mapping, cleaning, and converting over 10 years of ACT! Contact Management data with Salesforce’s Account, Contact, and Opportunity object fields.

Salesforce Configuration and Deployment. Through several “As-Is” and “To-Be” process mapping and process simplification exercises, our team is designing two interrelated scale sales and gauge calibration service application processes. Leveraging Salesforce’s out-of-the-box Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and Report objects.

Global Weight Management Firm

A leading, globally-branded provider of weight management services, operating through a network of company-owned and franchise operations. With tens of millions of members, this organization’s data management and analytic requirements far outpace other consumer product and service organizations.

SERVICE LINES: Business Analytics, Project Management

Data Validation Assessment. Reviewed and validated the data and corresponding data load/entry processes associated with multiple source system(s) feeding a corporate SQL Server and MS PowerPivot based business intelligence environment.

Proof-of-Concept. Conducted an MS PowerPivot and SharePoint Proof-of-Concept analysis to ensure a working environment existed to provide member trend and demographic-based reporting (point-of-sale, customers, marketing, and .com data). Gathered requirements, assessed data set gaps, created sample PowerPivot reports and data slicers, and uploaded sample report to SharePoint for team reviews.

Global Recruiting and Staffing Firm

One of the largest privately held staffing companies in the world which bills out several hundred thousand placements worldwide.

SERVICE LINES: IT Strategy, Business Analytics, Project Management

Software Selection. Assisted with the requirements definition, vendor analysis, selection, and negotiation process for one of the recruiting divisions. Activities included the following tasks:

• Developed “As-Is” and To-Be” process maps (sales, recruiting, on-boarding, invoicing, and accounting)

• Assembled a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) document – objectives, timeline, process description, requirements, metrics, configuration/pricing schedules, and questions

• Screened potential vendors, beginning with a field of a dozen solutions, and narrowed down to four solutions for the demonstrations

• Created demonstration scripts for the vendors to follow (sales, requisition order processing, on-boarding candidates, time and attendance, invoicing, accounting, and reporting)

• Assembled a cost/benefit model and assisted with the vendor negotiations and implementation planning activities

Critical Incident Response. Despite the best planning and execution, sometimes the unforeseen happens and application performance unexpectedly suffers.

• MS.NET / Oracle Application Assessment. Conducted a comprehensive review of a critical MS .NET application back ended by an Oracle database. Using the CAST application intelligence platform (AIP) to assess key factors such as robustness, changeability, performance, security, and maintainability. Leveraged MS .NET and Oracle technical expertise to provide an action plan, spotlighting and offering potential solutions to the most glaring issues as well as pointing out quick win opportunities to improve application quality/performance.

• Database Upgrade Planning. Supported the planning associated with a database and corresponding application upgrade. Cultivated a deep understanding of the application in question, internal capabilities, and brought to bear technical expertise to deliver a succinct assessment of the available upgrade options, including the pros/cons and our recommendation of each.


Real Estate Management Group

Real estate management firm with in excess of 10 million square feet of office, industrial, multi-family residential, retail, and hotel properties spanning the Eastern U.S. from New York to Florida.

SERVICE LINES: IT Strategy, Project Management

Real Estate Software Selection. Assisted with the requirements definition, RFP development, demonstration coordination, and solution cost/functional analysis. Considered tools to address core accounting/capital project tracking, property management, budgeting and forecasting, job costing, asset management, customer portals, and BI from vendors including MRI, Yardi, SAP, Resolve, Cougar, Argus, Kardin, GlobalSoft, and Asset Eye.

Cabinet Retailer

One on the most popular cabinet fabricators and distributors in the United States to date. Constructs quality cabinets made with solid wood components. Needed a way to manage their ever growing sales.


SalesForce Deployment. Designed and implemented a new Salesforce CRM Cloud solution for 40 account managers to easily manage contacts, accounts, and sales opportunities. Custom Designed an outlook integration to walk hand in hand with the Salesforce implementation.

Material Design

A large material design group that focuses on metal for high stress situations (airplanes, underground equipment, etc.). Manufactures all types of material including super alloys and wanted a solid way of management.

SERVICE LINES: IT Strategy, Project Management

Strategization. Implemented and oversaw the Cornerstone Learning Management software and system. Allowed the company to better manage their talent, resources, and learning capabilities.

Project Management. Providing project management support to implement WorkDay and the Kronos HR/Payroll/T&A solutions, directing and SAP Shop Floor integration projects


A Non-Profit organization centered around the Lancaster area that builds houses and provides amenities for people in need in their respective community. Needed a replacement management system.


Salesforce Deployment. Replaced a complex and expensive “Best of Breed” Donor Management System with Salesforce’s Non-Profit Starter Kit tools.

Molding Plastic

A pet caring product manufacturer that is a leader in its respective business. Molds plastic into different forms to make bowls and anything needed for a pet. Needed direction on ERP software and Salesforce Integration

SERVICE LINES: IT Strategy, Salesforce

Salesforce Deployment. Implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and in the process of deploying a Salesforce platform based integrated ERP solution – Kenandy.

Direction. Directed an ERP software evaluation projects considering cloud based solutions to address Sales, Order Processing, Production, Distribution and Accounting Requirements.

Flooring Company

A world wide flooring company that is centered in Lancaster PA. Specializes in any and all types of flooring. Has 17 total plants located around the globe.


Salesforce Deployment. Designing, configuring and implementing a Salesforce based Samples Management Application to track flooring displays, samples and collateral within retail network.