The construction industry faces many challenges which can be mitigated with better data and analytics. Compliance issues, quality control, and budgeting as well as workforce fluctuations when combined with weather delays or even shortages of material can lead to projects going off schedule and ultimately higher costs.

While the industry is facing these challenges and pressures, it is also undergoing substantial change. Construction companies continue to diversity their offerings, increase overall scale/reach, and look abroad for new opportunities.

Because of these challenges and the changing landscape, it is more important than ever for construction companies to have actionable data. Up-to-date and accurate inventory, material and labor costs, timeline variances, and more will allow for data-driven strategic decision making.

Walz IT has considerable experience in the construction industry. We have helped our customers with systems planning, selections, design, installation, and upgrades in the areas of finance/accounting, time and attendance, job cost, equipment management, and operational reporting/analytics.