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Supporting our CIO Advisory services, Walz IT partners with Info-Tech Research Group. Info-Tech is the world’s fastest growing information technology research and advisory company – serving over 30,000 IT professionals. We use Info-Tech to provide insights into various software tools, selection/strategy/implementation methodologies and IT best practices/forms/templates.

Info-Tech Diagnostic Surveys are tailorable, delivered through the internet, and take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete. The results are benchmarked against over 400 other company results and come with a set of comprehensive dashboard based reports and includes an Info-Tech analysts call to walk through your survey results against the benchmark data to help you identify and prioritize issues and potential remediation activities. The cost of these studies is dependent upon several factors – the number of studies you choose to use, which surveys you would like to run, and the level of diagnostic support you would like to perform.

Surveys, Diagnostics and Benchmarking services include:

  • Measure & Manage IT Performance: Understand the business’s needs and actively measure that the business is satisfied (CIO Business Vision)
  • CIO-CEO Alignment: Satisfy your most important stakeholder – the CEO – by gaining a comprehensive look into the business through your CEO’s perspective.
  • Manage Core IT Processes: Assess the importance and effectiveness of your core IT process and have the diagnostic data to begin your process improvement journey.
  • IT Staffing Assessment: Make IT a corporate powerhouse by improving your ability to grow, deploy, and manage your team.
  • Infrastructure: Find out what users really think of IT Services. Service optimization is nearly impossible without an honest and thorough understanding of end users sentiments.
  • Security: This diagnostic program is a low effort, high impact program to help IT Security Leaders assess and improve security practices – governance, satisfaction, and effectiveness.
  • Project Management: This Project Portfolio Management Diagnostic Program is designed to help project owners assess and improve the PPM practices – understand and improve.
  • Applications: Application portfolio management is understanding end user sentiments towards IT software. Develop data driven insights to decide what applications to retire, re-tain, or maintain.